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Creative Sewing Courses & Workshops for Everyone


In timely style with the Chanel exhibition currently showing at the Victoria and Albert museum in London, I decided to showcase my students work and my own ‘Chanel style’ jackets – both completed and works in progress.

Three of my students made it to the exhibition and loved it.  If you haven’t yet been – there is still time – its on until February 2024 – the exhibition is sold out however a membership fee allows access anytime click here to book.

Here’s what my students are making in the style of Chanel.

Blue / navy wool jacket – by eliminating the centre back seamline it meant that there was no break in the check. (The CB line was straight anyhow).  It took a while to pattern match but look how the horizonal stripes match at the arms, waist and hips! The fabric was from Linton Tweeds and it was lined in silk, quilted and weighted with a chain.  The braid was made from unravelling the boucle yarn in the cloth and stitching it between two black ribbons. There is a beautiful lift in the sleeve head.  This took 3 toiles and over 70 hours to complete, both time in class and time at home, but the result is a perfect fit!

The green base with red and blue slubs is another Linton Tweed fabric.  This garment is being made by Stephanie and after approving the toile body and refitting the sleeve twice with adjustments the real cloth is being cut.  Lots of preparation: thread tracing, fusing, and making tailored shoulder pads by hand.

After making a Chanel inspired dress at a previous class, Jane is also working on a Chanel inspired jacket.  With the toile now approved, its on to the fabric preparation.

Preparation and process is slow and meticulous when venturing on a Chanel style jacket.  The fabric is expensive and you do not wish to cut into it until fully ready.  It is also important to continue to fit the real fabric garment along the way.


I have plans for 3 Chanel style coat / jackets. Each jacket will be first toiled in calico for design and fit approval.

Only then will the real fabric cut. My fabrics are Linton tweed and will be lined using various silk scarves that I have.  I will be share my progress in a later blog.

Taking the design from this original vintage Vogue pattern, I will remove the seam allowance on the tissue pattern and trace the pattern onto card.  After I make various fit adjustments I will add a variable seam allowance onto the fabric before cutting. This will make it much easier to pattern match the vertical and horizontal checks.

I am learning to crochet (granny square to date). One of the reasons I wanted to learn was so I can crochet my own Chanel style braid to trim my jacket.


These Chanel style jackets were all sewn in the  Advanced Sewing Course.  Under my tuition I advise various ways to improve on the construction method given by a commercial sewing pattern.  With my own professional industry experience in both large and small ladieswear companies and working at the highest standard in the Game of Thrones costume department, I am able to share the ‘couture’ way of construction with my students. 

There are a range of sewing patterns available on my online shop to sew Chanel style. I have chosen these ones for their ease of understanding the instructions and fit.  My recommendations are:   



To inspire you further, I suggest watching this which is available on BBC i-player until March  CHANEL -Unbuttoned


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Christine Boyle

Christine Boyle

Creative Director

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anya hanna
anya hanna
Just had a one to one class with Christine. It was brilliant! As a complete sewing machine novice I now feel confident enough to do everything from a multitude of different stitch styles on different fabrics to sewing button holes and zips! She taught me all the basics including how to wind on a bobbin, thread up and strip down the machine and tackle most rogue issues!! Brian was brilliant too and had serviced my lovely singer machine that had been sitting in a box for 10 years… since it was bought! I would thoroughly recommend them both! Thankyou
Lynn Anderson
Lynn Anderson
I ver much enjoyed my classes with Christine! She's very knowledgeable and able to adapt things when I had problems with my pattern. The small group in the class were a lovely, friendly group of people. I'd thoroughly recommend!
I just finished the 7 week beginner's course after a 10 year hiatus from sewing. I absolutely loved it, the classes are intensive but every week from when I entered until when I left Christine's studio it was like entering a time warp! 3 hours felt like 20 minutes as I learnt so many practical sewing skills. Christine is such an inspirational person with her creative projects and she absolutely reignited my love for sewing with her excellent teaching skills, creativity, patience and encouragement. Thank you Christine!
I recently completed the 7-week sewing course at Colour and Cloth, mend and repair, led by the talented instructor Christine. Overall, it was a worthwhile experience that expanded my knowledge and skills in the world of sewing.Christine's expertise in mending and repairing textiles was evident from the start. She shared valuable insights on how to breathe new life into worn-out garments. Her passion for sustainable fashion and the importance of reducing waste resonated throughout the course.Christine's teaching style was clear and concise, making it easy to follow along and understand the intricacies of each method. She provided hands-on demonstrations and offered individualized guidance, ensuring that every participant felt supported and confident in their abilities.The small class size allowed for a collaborative and supportive environment. Sharing ideas and learning from fellow participants added an extra layer of inspiration and motivation. Christine fostered a sense of camaraderie among us, creating a space where we felt comfortable asking questions and seeking feedback from one another.I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in mending and repairing textiles while embracing their creativity.
Audrey Palnoch
Audrey Palnoch
I have attended the Intermediate sewing course with Christine and have learnt so much. I am a self taught sewer and had a lot of bad habits. Christine is such a brilliant teacher she brings the best out of each of us. She is patient and encourages each of us to stretch ourselves but more than that guiding us along the way with her wealth of experience. I thoroughly recommend completing a sewing course with Christine that’s why I’ve signed up for another one!
Kathryn McBride
Kathryn McBride
Having found Colour & Cloth online, Christine directed me to Brian who kindly overhauled and serviced my lovely treasure of a find: (a beautiful hand crank sewing machine "Sylvia" made by Harrods) and traced the model number back to 1876. The quick turnaround on servicing and knowledge of machines is impressive in itself and Brian's joy on seeing such a machine was obvious.By way of a one to one lesson, Christine took me through the absolute basics of sewing from how to thread "Sylvia" to stitching in various forms. She has also guided me in the best threads and fabrics to use to get the best from this older machine.Christine's knowledge and genuine passion of fabrics and sewing is infectious and her patience with me as the beginner has set me up to find joy in using this lovely instrument.Thank you Brian and Christine.
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