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Creative Sewing Courses & Workshops for Everyone

Creative Sewing Courses & Workshops for Everyone

Sewing Machine Service

Professional Sewing Machine Servicing, Repair and Restoration.



Is your Sewing machine or Overlocker not stitching as it should? Is the timing out, belt worn, stitches skipping. Colour and Cloth provide professional sewing machine servicing & repairs for all brands Modern and Vintage sewing machines.

What is the difference between a Machine Service and Repair.

  1. A Machine Service usually involves routine maintenance and cleaning of a sewing machine to ensure it is functioning properly. This can include oiling, adjusting tensions, checking and replacing needles, and checking the machine for any broken or worn parts. Sewing machine service is typically performed on a regular basis to keep the machine in good working order and prevent potential breakdowns.
  2. A Machine Repair involves fixing a sewing machine that is not functioning properly or has stopped working altogether. This can involve diagnosing and repairing specific issues with the machine, such as replacing broken parts, needle arm alignment, bobbin part issues, fixing jammed or tangled threads, seized parts, repairing electronic components which needs to be fixed returning the sewing machine to correct working functioning.

Please note:*Any additional parts required for service or repair are extra cost.


  • Extend the working reliability and mechanical operating parts of your sewing machine.
  • Provide a complete Sewing machine (Vintage and Modern) and Overlocker repair and service.
  • Pre-inspect every machine, test stitch, covers removed, machine strip down and examination of moving parts.
  • Stitch tension, Needle alignment, Needle arm and Bobbin alignment adjustments to ensure great stitching.
  • Deep clean; overtime old oil, grease dry out this becomes a hardened sticky paste.
  • Foot pedal electrics checked.
  • Thorough test stitching carried out with various stitching with proof example provided.
  • Provide a detailed service repair report with every invoice.
  • Hygienically clean sewing machine before returning back to our customers.


We carry out repairs on sewing machines Modern and Vintage like SINGER, Alfa, Elna, Jones, NEWHOME and Overlockers. If your sewing machine requires replacement parts, repair work including electrical work, please Contact us. Our aim is to provide you with friendly and professional sewing machine service and we want you to enjoy sewing with confidence using your machine for years to come.

 24hr Turnaround  Unique Service

Sewing machine servicing and repairs.

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