RE-STYLE Mend & Alter Your Clothes


Dates: Saturday 27th January – Saturday 16th March. There is no class on 2nd March.

Location: Colour and Cloth Main Studio above HAB & FAB, 30 Castlereagh Street, Belfast, BT5 4NH

Duration: 20 hours: 7 weeks @ 2 ¾ hours / week

Class Size: Maximum 6 students allowing lots of tutor attention

Skill Level:  A basic knowledge of sewing is required.

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12:45 15:30 Saturday

About Your Course

Dive into the captivating world of garment transformation with our Re-style, Mend & Alter Your Clothes course! Unleash your creativity and discover the art of sewing as you embark on a journey to revitalize, mend, and up-cycle your wardrobe. This course is not just about stitches; it’s a celebration of individuality, self-expression, and sustainable fashion.

The course also emphasizes the importance of developing an emotional connection with clothing and taking care of it to reduce waste in today’s throwaway society. It is designed to create curiosity and get conscious about what we wear. From changing buttons on a jacket, taking up a hem, mending a sweater or transforming a skirt into a cape this workshop will stir up excitement about the many possibility’s of dressing individually and thrift-flipping. Christine will showcase how she has re-invented, mended, and up-cycled garments to inspire creativity and fashion flair!

This course is an investment not only a new skill set for yourself, but its investing in the clothes that you already own and extending their lifespan.

Students will complete the course with an armful of practical skills and creative ideas for future up-cycling projects.

Click here and be inspired by what our RESTYLE students have made at their course.

Our courses are more than just lessons; they’re a blend of camaraderie, enjoyment, and focused learning.

Students are celebrated with a Certificate of Achievement on completion of the course.

What You Will Learn

  • How to think creatively and look beyond the confines of ‘what a garment is’ – by dissecting, ripping and rethinking.
  • Problem solve step by step and engineer new solutions.
  • Note take and visually record the undoing of a garment so it can be put back together again.
  • Copy and trace out new patterns from our favourite clothes
  • To be more conscious of how cloth is made and gain a new appreciation and perspective on what we wear.
  • A whole new set of sewing skills (beyond dressmaking skills) that can be used to set up a business in alterations.

And much more!

What To Bring

Please bring lots of clothing – too small, too big, worn out, the ‘charity shop pile’ – If you have lots of ‘work in progress projects (WIPP) then bring them along also.

Re-using and repurposing fabric is encouraged so if you have off-cuts you would like to ‘share, swop or sell’ bring them along.

If you have your own sewing machine please bring it with you as this will aid your progress.  If you don’t have your own machine there are various machines in the studio which you can use. Your machine must be in full working order.  If you need your machine serviced then we can do this for you, click here to book.

We also have an overlocker and a cover stitch machine which you will experience during your course duration.