RE-STYLE Mend & Alter Your Clothes


Dates: Saturday 4th November – Saturday 16th December

Location: Colour and Cloth Main Studio above HAB & FAB, 30 Castlereagh Street, Belfast, BT5 4NH

Duration: 20 hours: 7 weeks @ 2 ¾ hours / week

Class Size: Maximum 6 students allowing lots of tutor attention

Skill Level:   A basic knowledge of sewing is required.

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The Re-style, Mend & Alter Your Clothes course teaches individuals the skill of sewing and how to repair and up-cycle clothing. It encourages creativity and self-expression through the process of re-inventing, mending, and up-cycling garments. The course also emphasizes the importance of developing an emotional connection with clothing and taking care of it to reduce waste in today’s throwaway society. It is designed to create curiosity and get conscious about what we wear. From changing buttons on a jacket, taking up a hem, mending a sweater or transforming a skirt into a cape this workshop will stir up excitement about the many possibility’s of dressing individually and thrift-flipping.  Christine will showcase how she has re-invented, mended, and up-cycled garments to inspire creativity and fashion flair!

Students will complete the course with practical skills and creative ideas for future up-cycling projects.

Courses are friendly, fun and focused.

Students are celebrated with a Certificate of Achievement on completion of the course.

  • How to look at garments through a new lens
  • Build a confidence to pick up the scissors and ‘get stuck in’
  • Free form creative expression designing and planning on the mannequin
  • An appreciation of how clothes are made, who makes them and links to explore more
  • How to take up a hem, make a garment bigger and smaller
  • How to mend and repair various garments
  • A selection of garments you would like mended, altered / upcycled in some way.
  • Approximately 20 safety pins.

  • A notepad, pencil and a camera / phone.

  • Please wear / bring leggings and a vest top so we can fit your new designs.

Sewing machines and sewing equipment can be provided. We have a mixture of modern and vintage sewing machines, an overlocker (serger) and a coverstitch machine.

However, you are encouraged to bring your own sewing machine so you will be more familiar with it. It must be in working order before your workshop commences. If it requires serviced or repaired beforehand, we can do that for you, CLICK HERE to book in.

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12:45 15:30 Saturday