Creative Sewing Courses & Workshops for Everyone

Creative Sewing Courses & Workshops for Everyone

Creative Sewing Courses & Workshops for Everyone


I love nothing more than a good rummage in a charity / thrift store.  Its the thrill of the find!  I caught the bug at my first car boot sale in Bath when I was 16. I still have memories of the cotton knit sweater snapped up for 75p!

Botanic Avenue in Belfast is a well known destination for great finds and it was in  ‘Save the Children’  that I picked up this gorgeous golden blanket with fringing for £10.

A 30oC wash cycle and a summery line dry in the wind and this blanket was ready to be cut and sewn into a lounging robe.

Here’s how I made it happen…


I used a hybrid of a pattern I had made from my favourite robe blended with a dressing gown pattern I had made when I was 15.  Hybrid pattern making means that you can combine the ‘best bits’ and make it your own!

I love the positive yellow golden colour and the style is perfect for evening lounging in style.

I loved the woven pattern design on the fabric and used both the right and wrong sides in my design.  I hand made my belt loops by making a ‘swing catch’ stitch. 

I love a good selvedge and featured it both as the body and sleeve hem.  I had previously kept the fringing on the sleeve but later decided to remove it. Often a design changes as you sew, don’t restrict yourself to sticking to the rules…experiment and have fun!


Fabric doesn’t always have to be bought brand new…

Charity shops are a great way to find cloth and duvets; blankets and garments can be repurposed into lots of new garments.  I have made a kaftan from a sari and a cape from a skirt!  Re-think fabric and turn what you have been taught on its head!

I love to encourage my students to think creatively; re-inventing, upcycling, thrift-flipping and experimenting.  Alterations are big business and you can take all the sewing skills you learn in our courses and turn it into a side hustle.  I have designed the perfect course just for you to learn how to do just that – CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Colour and Cloth teach all levels of Sewing Courses and Workshops so no matter what level you are at, there is no better time to start than now.

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Christine Boyle

Christine Boyle

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